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Your dreams of flight can now become a reality with a deluxe and unforgettable flight over your favorite parts of El Paso.

Many dream about the sensation and experience of adventuring through the grand canyon or flying at cloud level over the wonderful island of Hawaii. Or even, locally speaking, iconic Abilene landmarks such as Western Playland Theme Park, Amigo Airsho, Hueco Tanks State Historic Area, and the El Paso Zoo. A helicopter flight offers you the rare opportunity of accomplishing this uncommonly sought out dream coupled with the luxury and animating addition for any event.

El Paso Helicopter Charters provides a thorough and flexible helicopter tour for any flight enthusiast. Subsequently offering a unique perspective of the city you know and love from thousands of feet above ground level. We expand our scope and practicality by offering helicopter tours not only for El Paso, but neighboring towns to offer increased duration and fresh views. Leave the everyday commuters behind and enjoy the experience of a lifetime at El Paso Helicopter Charters.

Each tour is specifically designed with a focus on highlighting the unique and stand-out aspects of your hometown. It’s one thing to see city hall from a street view. But it is an entirely different experience when seeing it from thousands of feet above Earth’s floor. You will be flying higher than the tallest landmarks in your city all the way up to cloud level.

These tours are unlike any others on the market. By placing a spotlight on each of your favorite attractions and providing the experience of flight, we are able to separate ourselves from the ordinary helicopter flights typically offered. Our impeccable reliability, safety and sheer knack for creating a comforting and memorable experience makes us the perfect choice for any helicopter enthusiast. Don’t trust this could-be unforgettable experience to just anyone, place your trust in the leading helicopter service in El Paso.

We pack a lifetime-esque wealth of adventure and discovery into the comparatively small duration of a day. We guide you through the endless meadow of open space above Earth coupled with a detailed and distinctly designed tour to highlight the iconic landmarks El Paso has to offer. The wide range of experiences we have to offer are sure to find an obvious place in your heart and memory alike.

Give us a call at 915-201-0110 right away to learn more! A helicopter tour provides a fresh and unknown perspective of El Paso you think you know so well.