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One cannot contest the true fact that El Paso, regardless of certain misbeliefs, is incredible by its own means. You could potentially follow the traditional approach to discovering this landscape through ground transport, or you could leave the crowds behind and join the growing community of helicopter enthusiasts. Our inclusive and detailed selection of helicopter rides cover a variety of areas and landscapes from the suburbs to the commotion of urban life. Our range of helicopters are designed to accommodate small and large parties alike, while maintaining a complete ability to provide clear and exclusive views of the surrounding landscape. Each ride presents and manipulates a distinct perspective of El Paso to imbue participants with a distinguishable feeling and overall experience. Subsequently, these experiences are bound to find a special place in your memory for decades to come.

El Paso Helicopter Charters has developed a range of helicopter rides, each detailed with a fixed flight plan and itinerary. However, we understand that certain interests and demands are a natural occurrence when it comes to helicopter flights. We aim to provide an adaptable service for anyone interested in flight. Which is why each of our rides are completely flexible.

This meaning that each flight can be tailored to suit the individual requirements wished by the customer. We strive to make our service as accommodating as humanly possible in order to ensure our flight experiences are unequaled in quality. We make it easy for anyone to discover the realm of flight. Whether it be a short flight over your hometown or a long flight covering the landmarks of neighboring cities, El Paso Helicopter Charters is here to help.

Moreover, we’ve established and rightfully earned a reputation for being a trusted and reliable service. We consistently prove to be the leading helicopter ride provider in El Paso through constant innovation and service improvements. Because our overall goal is to provide an unequaled experience or, more simply, a better helicopter ride than any that hope to compete with the premier helicopter service in El Paso.

We see it as a moral obligation not only to provide an exceptional experience, but to do this without forfeiting our unique ability to offer a safe, reliable and trustworthy service. We do this by complying with the expressed stipulations of the FAA, and abiding by a self-taught ethical protocol. We prioritize and actively focus on promoting a higher service quality by eliminating potential obstacles and, consequently, ensuring the complete safety of each client.

Simply give us a call at 915-201-0110 to get started today! The process by which one obtains a helicopter ride remains unknown to many, generally speaking. Proving to be a difficult process for most, however, our innovative system coupled with our experienced staff ensures the process to be as simple and easy as it has and could ever be.